How to Customize Your iPhone? Top 6 Best Ways

How to Customize Your iPhone? Top 6 Best Ways

Apple’s iPhones are more customizable than ever before. Almost every interaction on the iPhone can be controlled or customized in some way through several interlocking features. For example, custom app icons, lock screen customization, and lots more.

Recently, Apple launched an iOS14 update to allow users to customize their iPhone home screens. This article will provide you with a useful guide on customizing your iPhone and making it a more personal device.

Prerequisites & Considerations

Do you know that alongside changing the background wallpaper, you can customize your iPhone’s home screen? Are you wondering how to change home screen on iphone? It’s easy and all you need is an iPhone with the latest iOS version.

Be sure you have the Apple Shortcuts app to replace the default iOS app icons and some third-party apps for creating custom widgets. You will also need some reliable websites to download free custom icons and wallpapers.

Change App Icons

Change the icon look of apps live on the home screen using a native iOS feature. Access the preinstalled Shortcuts app and hit the plus (+) icon. Choose Add Action and type Open app. Choose ‘Open App’ > App and select the required app. Hit the downward-facing arrow.

From the menu, hit Add to Home Screen. Rename the shortcut. Look for a new icon image in a web browser. Find the required image and save it to photos. Go to the Shortcuts app and click the icon under ‘Home Screen Name and Icon’. Pick ‘Choose Photo’ and click the saved image. Click Choose > Add.   

Change Wallpaper

Open the Settings app and scroll down to find Wallpaper and click on it. Click Add New Wallpaper and choose an option that Apple recommends. Change settings by clicking on each element. Hit Add at the top right.

Choose ‘Set as Wallpaper Pair’ or ‘Customize Home Screen’ to change the appearance of the final home screen. Based on your needs, you can add different wallpapers and change them directly from the lock screen. Tap and scroll horizontally among wallpapers to choose one.

Add Widgets to the Lock Screen

Click on the Add Widgets square and choose from one of the recommended widgets. Or select widgets particular to each installed app by scrolling down further. When apps provide several widget styles or options, swipe them.

To determine if a widget appears in the widget block, click on the selected widget in the selection menu. Keep pressing a widget in the block to shift it. Click a widget when configurable to choose what data appears within the widget. Click ‘x’ in the top right to confirm the selection.

Add Widgets to the Home Screen

How to Customize Your iPhone? Top 6 Best Ways
add widget

You can add widgets not just to the lock screen but to the home screen of your iPhone too. It will help in making some information or apps more important. To add a widget to the iPhone’s home screen, tap down on the home screen’s empty space.

Hit the add (+) icon at the top-left side to get a list of available widgets. Click on the required widget and swipe right to pick the correct size. Click Add Widget to add the selected widget. You can use third-party apps to customize widgets on the home screen.

Focus Modes

You can create unique home screen pages for several times of the day using focus mode. For example, one for personal time and another for professional purposes. To use this mode, open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Click on Focus and select the focus mode you want to apply. Include your required applications and set the way you want your home screen to appear. Apply a focus schedule and include filters to customize the behavior of your iPhone and apps when the focus is enabled.

Rearrange App Icons

Another way to customize your iPhone’s home screen look is by rearranging app icons. You can include app icons in the app library or folders or move them around. To shift an app into a folder, hold and drag the required app on top of another app.

A folder will be created with both apps. Name this folder. To transfer an app into the app folder, hold down on it until all the icons jiggle. Drag the app across all home screen pages to the right and release it when you reach the app library.  


Apple offers numerous features to allow its iPhone users to turn their home screen in any way they want. Remember, customizing your iPhone will consume some time, particularly when you are using the Shortcuts app to change icons.

Alongside the home screen, some more iPhone aspects can be customized for a better experience. For example, setting up the accessibility features, applying custom ringtones, and controlling the display.

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