How To Delete Swiggy Account in 2023 – Best Way to deactivate Swiggy account

Swiggy is sending spamming mail, and you are irritated with it; unnecessary emails look bad, and you want to get rid of this; this can be the reason or whatever is the reason. You want to Delete your Swiggy Account/ deactivate your Swiggy account in 2022; then you are in the right place. I will show you step by step procedure on how to delete Swiggy account.

How To Delete Swiggy Account
How To Delete Swiggy Account

There are various reasons you may want to delete your Swiggy account. It can be fraud or lousy service from Swiggy, or you are shutting down your restaurant, or maybe you are going for a vacation; all these reasons suited well.

On the other hand, Swiggy is an online food ordering and delivery service that allows registered users to order food from well-known Indian restaurants. Swiggy is based in Bangalore, India, and operates in over 100 Indian cities in March 2019. Swiggy expanded into general product deliveries under the name Swiggy Stores in early 2019. Users can create or edit their accounts, browse a list of nearby restaurants, check out the menu, rate the restaurant, and order food using various payment methods.

Lets’ Jump into the topic How To Delete Swiggy Account, but let me tell you there is no direct way to delete swiggy account

But don’t worry, after reading this article, you’ll be able to permanently deactivate your account.

How to Deactivate/delete Swiggy Account

  • Open your Swiggy Application. 
  • Go to the My Account section.
  • Click on the Help button
  • Now click on the FAQ button.
  • Now scroll down and click on Deactivated my account.

They clearly state that you must contact Swiggy at to delete your account. So, let’s see how we can contact Swiggy to delete our Swiggy account permanently.

How To Delete Swiggy Account Permanently

 We can still delete Swiggy account by sending mail to swiggy support team and describe the problem which you are facing in swiggy application.

Step-1: Login to your email account dashboard, which you have used in Swiggy.

Step- 2: Write a mail to

Step- 3: Write “Delete My Account ” or “Deativate My Account” on the Subject option.

Step- 4: Now, write a reason for why you want to delete your Swiggy


Step- 5: After that, click on the Send button.

We will sometimes order food online from our Swiggy account. Swiggy will contact you to confirm your request after some time . If Swiggy asks as to why you want to delete your Swiggy account, give them any excuse or the exact reason of closing the account. Swiggy would then permanently delete your account.

How to cancel orders from swiggy account.

However, as new users, we have no idea how to cancel Swiggy orders and claim a refund. You can easily cancel our Swiggy food orders after reading the information.

  • Go to your My Account Section. (Now you can see your active orders)
  • Click on your active order.
  • Tap on Help.
  • Click “I want to cancel my order.”
  • Now select your cancelation reason. You can choose I place this order by mistake
  • Now confirm your cancelation request by clicking on Yes; I want to cancel my order.
  • Now your order is canceled, and you get a refund of your money.

By following these steps, you can cancel orders from your swiggy account easily.


What is Swiggy?

Swiggy is the largest and highest-priced online food delivery company in India. Its food delivery application provides many better services for its users like table reservation and management, POS system, restaurant search and discovery, and online ordering. Swiggy was started in 2014 by Nandi Reddy, the founder of Swiggy. Until now, it provides online food service in 3o cities like Uttar Pradesh, Ahmedabad, Chennai in India, and maybe it will grow in the future.

How to get contact or support in Swiggy?

To Contact, Support, get help or reactivate your Swiggy account again on Swiggy, you can this through the below options, and you can choose any possibilities of them.

By Email: –
Swiggy Email For Support –
Swiggy Email For Careers –
Swiggy Email For Refunds –

By Number: –
Swiggy Toll-Free Number: –
Swiggy Number For Partner Support – 080- 6746 6771, 080-6817 9777
Swiggy Number For Customer Care – 080-6746 6666
Swiggy Helpline Number: –
Swiggy Helpline Number – 080-6746 6666
Swiggy Number Hyderabad: 080 -6746 6666

Swiggy Number Delhi: 080-6746 6666
Swiggy Number Bangalore: 080-6746 6666

Official Sites and Social Handle by: –
Swiggy Official Website ->
Swiggy Twitter handle ->
Swiggy Facebook Page ->


So that completes our guide on how to delete Swiggy account. If you need more assistance, please leave a comment, and I will gladly assist you. Also, give us some more topics to write

There is no direct way to do this; instead, you must take a roundabout path to uninstall your account successfully. If you can, please tell us why you want to delete Swiggy account and whether you prefer Swiggy or Zomoto.

I prefer the Zomoto because there are more restaurant options and the service is excellent.

And share your thoughts with us. have a look at How to reply to a specific message in Instagram

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