https www facebook com gws_rd ssl what does this mean

Sometimes you have noticed that while visiting Facebook, the URL shows HTTPS www facebook com gws_rd SSL in the string. People get confused and think they have some issue with their internet connection. Some people also get confused and are considered malware or Virus. But don’t worry, it is expected this is just a URL redirection. In this article, we will know HTTPS www facebook com gws_rd SSL. What Does This Mean?

https www facebook com gws_rd ssl what does this mean

Earlier, mostly all websites didn’t use SSL, and their URL looked like this; then SSL was released, and mainly all more prominent websites configured it in their websites, and the URL changed to

It means that the URL of the link wants to redirect forcefully to HTTPS/SSL encryption to make the users feel safe surfing. If the URL is not accessible, try to add “S” after HTTP like this, and then you can access the website.

Your traffic may be encrypted with Facebook’s new security feature, making it impossible for anybody to monitor your online activity. This new function will first encrypt all of your traffic before sending it to Facebook. Therefore, no one—not even Facebook—will be able to see your private information or monitor your surfing patterns.

What is Facebook’s SSL Certificate?

When you visit a website, the site’s server can see your browser’s request for the page. It can include your IP address, browser type, and other details. It means that the site can see what you’re doing on it – for example, if you’re looking at a personal profile, the site could see what photos you’re looking at.

Some websites use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates to protect your privacy. With an SSL certificate, the site’s server can’t see your browser’s request for the page. Instead, the site’s server sees a different request, which is encrypted. It means that the site’s encrypted with an SSL certificate.

What does this mean for Facebook users?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a cryptographic protocol that provides security and privacy for communications between a web server and a client. When you connect to Facebook using HTTPS, you’re using SSL to protect your data as it travels between your computer and the Facebook website.

SSL is essential for several reasons:

  • HTTPS provides an added layer of security for your data when logging in to Facebook.
  • SSL protects your data from being intercepted by hackers who may be trying to steal your login information.
  • HTTPS also ensures that your data is encrypted as it travels between your computer and the Facebook website. It means that even if someone were to intercept your data while it’s in transit, they would not be able to understand it.

So this means it is essential to surf SSL-configured websites so that you will stay protected from data leakage and many more.

What about other websites? You’re generally good to go while making online purchases because most sites that collect sensitive information, like your credit card number, have HTTPS enabled by default. Every browser has a unique means of indicating if a site is safe, but generally speaking, your browser’s address bar will display a lock icon. However, there are different levels of security since emails occasionally contain attachments that originate from unsafe websites.

HTTP To HTTPS to Fix HTTPS www facebook com gws_rd SSL error?

I looked at my web address and saw HTTPS at the top, then looked at my homepage settings and saw, so I modified it to, which fixed it.

We must switch to HTTPS because internet security is becoming more and more crucial. You are more secure online thanks to HTTPS, which keeps hackers from accessing your data. We also know that many monitoring programs and advertisements on the internet may gather data on your surfing activities and show customized adverts depending on what they believe you are interested in. It makes using HTTPS more crucial than ever since it stops these apps from tracking you throughout the internet.

Final Words

I’ve also discovered that this works on some internet connections or browsers but not others. To make it work, you must do the opposite of what is described above. (Use HTTP:// instead of HTTPS:// in the URL.)

It has been revealed that only works via an encrypted connection, severely limiting people who do not have access to or cannot pay for HTTPS. To make our data as secure as possible, we must support encrypted connections and completely withdraw from Google. So Be an Https website visitor and stay safe.