What is com.samsung.android.rubin.app? Battery Drain Fix

What is the com.Samsung.android.Rubin.app? However, according to Google’s Andy Rubin, more Android smartphones are on the way, and the door is wide open. This is a marketplace for those who wish to use an app to do their job and interact with their peers. They may invite them to a location for entertainment, order dinner from a restaurant, or purchase a room in a hotel.

Com.Samsung.android.Rubin.app is an app by Samsung from which you can do many things. Actually, it’s Samsung’s customization service. It collects and analyzes your data. Same as Google’s spying on you. You can disable it or log out of it.

Suppose you’ve ever been curious about what Com.Samsung.android.Rubin.app is, or what he does, you’ve come to the correct spot. The com.Samsung.android.Rubin.app is a system application that enables Samsung programs to customize their user interfaces via custom themes. You may get it for free and install it on any Samsung smartphone. However, it is important to remember that you will need a tablet to utilize it. If you wish to write on the Note, you’ll need to use the pen that comes with the device. If you have a smaller Galaxy phone, you won’t be able to do this task successfully.


According to Google’s Andy Rubin, more Android phones are on the way, opening the door to more devices. Something named com.Samsung.android.Rubin.app seems to be taking a significant amount of battery life from my device. However, since this is always a personal decision, I believe you should choose for yourself what you need and do not require.

If you don’t want to uninstall it and keep it on your phone, you can download the application form below. I will provide you with the Apk link.

Customization Service – Com.Samsung.android.Rubin.app download

Customization Service / Specifications

  • Price: Free
  • Added Date: November 08, 2021
  • Requires Android: Min: Android 10 (Q, API 29)Target: Android 10 (Q, API 29)
  • Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Size: 7.63 MB
  • Category: Tools
  • Version:

Customization Service / What’s New in v2.7.04.2


For Samsung Android 10 only.

Choose Download Locations for Customization Service v2.7.04.2

How to Disable/Uninstall com.samsung.android.rubin.app?

Using ADB command

  1. Open a command or PowerShell window.
  2. On your Samsung Galaxy phone or Tab, enable USB Debugging.
  3. Connect your device to the computer.
  4. Execute the following ADB shell commands. The first is for the list of all apps, and the second is for the list of all system apps.
1.Get the list of all apps
adb shell pm list packages
2. Get the list of system apps only
adb shell pm list packages -s#
3. Get the list of all Samsung apps
adb shell pm list packages | grep 'samsung'(‘
pm’ in the above commands stands for "package manager."
  1. You’ll now be able to see the names of all the Android applications loaded on your phone, including those from Samsung.
  2. This command removes the app
  3. ·  ‘pm disable-user –user 0 com.samsung.android.rubin.app‘.

what is customization service com.Samsung.android.Rubin.app android

To answer your question, what is Samsung’s customization service? This is a Samsung-provided service that gathers data on your device, including its settings, status, and installed applications. It is used to customize your content and improve the services.

You can disable the Customization Service in your device’s settings or change your settings to prohibit collecting your information at any time. The content that is tailored may not be something you can control.

The Customization Service may collect your device’s unique identifying information, settings information (such as language and lock settings), status information (like connections to other devices), and other information about your devices. In addition, the Customization Service may look at the apps you have installed or are now running.

Features of com.Samsung.android.Rubin.app

The Customization Service may also gather data on time spent using the devices linked to your Samsung Account, as well as information on the applications and services you use from third parties (such as a listing of apps on your devices, music played on your devices, the websites you visit and the searches you make). In addition to music and photographs. Music titles, genres, artists, and stored picture locations may be collected and analyzed by the Customization Service, using this data to provide personalized recommendations.

A list of people and their contact information. To provide you with services like determining your relationships with others (e.g., family and friends), who your most important contacts are, who frequently contacts you, and your preferred contact method, the Customization Service may access your contact list and collect and analyze your incoming/outgoing call and text history. Detailed information on the next calendar year. U

sing your calendar data, and the Customization Service can learn your preferences and record noteworthy events and your location. Previously Visited Sites on the Web. Access, collection, and analysis of your Internet browsing history by the Customization Service is permitted to learn about your interests and preferences, display more relevant search results, provide you with the most appropriate information in various contexts, and provide other services described in this Privacy Notice.

The facility of com.Samsung.android.Rubin.app

If you browse the Internet in Incognito or Private mode, Samsung will not collect your search history. Geographical Indications To offer location-related alerts or information you desire, the Customization Service may access, collect, and analyze your device’s exact geolocation and other information connected to your position via Bluetooth and WiFi signals and calendar entries.

My Profile and Samsung Services Data. When using the Customization Service, your Samsung Account ID, contact details, name, date of birth, and gender may be gathered and analyzed to customize your Samsung device. Connected Third-Party Apps and Services Information. You may enable the Customization Service to use information about your use of third-party applications and services to offer you personalized features by allowing the connection to a third-party app or service.

What Does Used Com Samsung Android Messaging Mean?

“What exactly does used Com Samsung Android messaging mean?” you may inquire. Your carrier no longer supports the app, which means it is no longer available. It will no longer work correctly as a result of this. Continuing to use the app will need downloading the most recent version of the application. Once your phone’s operating system has been updated, you will be able to utilize the latest version of the app without experiencing any difficulties.

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