Instagram May Soon add Voice Reply features in Stories

A Big Giant Company Instagram has added new amazing features day by day and giving an amazing experience. Instagram continues to mount pressure on Snapchat by adding to the tools and options available within Stories, However, Snapchat has also a big market it will not be easy for Instagram to take over Snapchat, but Instagram is doing well for it.

Instagram’s latest feature which might get added to the Instagram app has the ability to reply to Stories content with a photo or video.

As explained by Instagram:

“From selfies to Boomerangs, now you can be even more fun and playful when you respond to friends. To reply with a photo or a video, tap the new camera button while you’re watching a story. You can use any creative tools in the camera, including face filters, stickers and Rewind. Replies also include a sticker of the story that you can move around and resize.”

the feature of reply stories with voice is discovered by Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer, Reverse Engineer, who reverse engineers apps to find upcoming new features discovers that this feature is on the way.

Paluzzi posted an Instagram Stories screenshot with a microphone icon in the field for stories replies on Saturday, stating that Instagram “is working on the ability to reply to Stories with voice messages.” This comes after he revealed that the Instagram site was working on an edit grid feature a few months ago.

That last point is especially more interesting. You can add more context and streamline the interaction by replying with an image of what you’re responding to, rather than just replying.

Of course, there are a lot of unknown upcoming features at this stage – engineers may occasionally plan for prospective features that don’t end up being deployed. It’s also possible that comparing this functionality to audio services like Spaces or Clubhouse is inaccurate. It appears to be more Snapchat-like, as you can use voice chat to react to stories on that platform.

Even though the Story response by voice is a rip-off of Snapchat, it might be a major success with users, giving Instagram Stories a new, possibly more intimate dimension. There is no information beyond what Paluzzi has uncovered, so when let’s see when will Instagram give this feature. As soon as Instagram will update we will update you

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