How To Unfriend in PUBG Mobile? Best 2 Ways To Unfriend

PUBG (Player Unknown Battleground) Mobile is one of The Largest Android Game With 50 million daily active users outside of China and 400 million downloads. Millions of Players Daily Play PUBG Mobile Every Second Person In Our Society Play PUBG. You can make friends in it while playing many of them are good but some of them are disgusting. In the lobby, they always send a request to join the team. To Prevent this PUBG gave us an option to unfriend a person in this article we will talk about how to unfriend in PUBG Mobile so stay with us.

unfriend in PUBG MOBILE

Types of Friends In PUBG Mobile

There Are Two Types of Friends In PUBG Mobile

  • Facebook Friends
  • Game Friends

Facebook Friends Are The List of friends of Facebook and Game friends are whom you make friends in PUBG Mobile. So Here We Learn Both To Unfriend.

How To Unfriend Facebook Friends In PUBG Mobile?

if you did log in from Facebook and have many Facebook friends player then you Cannot Unfriend From under the game so, to get them out from you list you have to unfriend them from Facebook

How to unfriend from Facebook?

  1. First Open Facebook App or open
  2. After Facebook opened, You Will See Your News Feed Then Now Click Right Above Option
  3. After Clicking on it You Will See Friends Option Tap on it
  4. Now You Will List OF All Facebook Friends Find Which One You Have To Unfriend
  5. Then Click Friends Option And You Will Find Unfriend Option
  6. Tap On it And Click Yes

Now After Unfriending, you will also not find the person in your PUBG Facebook friends list and will not trouble cause of him

How To Unfriend in PUBG Mobile game friends?

  1. First Of All Open PUBG Mobile
  2. Click On Online Players Option
  3. Then Click on Above Friends Icon
  4. after you clicked friends icon click on ‘Game Friends’
  5. Find the players to whom you want to unfriend and then click on cross icon
  6. Then click on yes

After the following steps you will be able to Unfriend in PUBG Mobile and now no one will irritate you now if you have any questions regarding this don’t forget to comment down below

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