How To Activaṭe Call Waiting? Best #2 Ways To Activate

Call Waiting is one of the best features to attend call during a busy call, but it did not enable automatically. it has to enable manually. in this article; I will guide you ‘on how to activate call waiting.

how to activate call waiting
activate call waiting

Call waiting is one of the essential services for us. It helps us to beep a notification of incoming calls during a busy moment on another call. So, that we can’t miss our other important calls.

but sometimes during a call to our relatives or call from one of our specials suddenly at the same time we get a business call from our bosses. if the call waiting is enabled then we can get the call if it is not then we have to pay a penalty of not receiving our boss’s calls. get refund after canceling a ticket from here

So it is very important to enable call waiting for us if we don’t want to miss any call. If you are ready to activate the call waiting feature, then I’m sure that you will not miss any of your boss’s calls. but be sure that you are ready to activate the call waiting.

Steps To Enable Call Waiting Feature

So, let’s take a look at how to enable the call waiting feature. I am providing some steps which can be followed very easily and by following these steps you will be able to enable call waiting feature within minutes.

how to enable call waiting?

  1. Open your Phone Application
  2. Click on Right three bullets
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Click on calling accounts
  5. Tap on your sim name ( JIO 4G )
  6. Open Call Settings
  7. Tap On Additional Settins
  8. Turn on Call Waiting
  9. Now You Are Done Activation Call Waiting

how to set call waiting via USSD Code

if the first method is not working then you can look into the second method provided below. the USSD code is for enabling call waiting or disabling the waiting feature. if you are confused then you can also check the status of it

Call Waiting Service TypeDial CodeMessage Displayed
Activation of Call Waiting*43#Call Waiting Service was enabled
Deactivation of Call Waiting in#43#Call Waiting Service has been disabled
To check the Status*#43#Call Waiting Service was enabled for Voice

Final Words

These Are The Few Steps To Activate Call Waiting With These Step-by-step Guide You Will Be Able To Enable Call Waiting, And I’m Sure You Have Done It. if you have any problem regarding this process don’t forget to comment down below you can also see our youtube channel

can it enable on any sim?

It does not matter which company sim you are using you can enable it on any company sim

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