How To Activate Tata sky After Recharge? Best #3 Ways To Do It

Recharge Successful!!! But tata sky still shows recharge notification then you must read this article carefully here I will tell you how to activate tata sky after Recharge or how to refresh tata sky after Recharge there are three ways to watch channels after Recharge.

activate tata sky after recharge
activate tata sky after recharge

Tata Sky Is One Of the Biggest DTH companies it was launched in 2006, and now it has millions of customers Who Have installed Tata Sky in their houses. But sometimes we go out of the station and go for a vacation and forgot to recharge Tata Sky DTH. Most of the time it did not instantly shows the channel. just a popup shows with “subscribe to this channel” if you are facing this then Don’t worry, you can quickly fix this problem and can watch the channel with your family.

Tata Sky Said before activating services we need to turn on setup box for an instant refresh. But sometimes it did not activate even it is on. all you have to do is keep your registered mobile number smartphone in your hand, and you are ready to activate services.

there are three ways to refresh tata sky after recharge, and all of them are easy you can do it in seconds just need to follow those steps as provided below, and you can be able to activate tata sky after recharge

Ways To Activate Tata Sky After Recharge

I will show you all of them to continue watching your TV just need be things ready

How to Activate Tata Sky By Missed Call?

  • Give a Missed Call all to 9040590405 From You Registered Mobile Number and Wait for 2 or 3 minutes You Tata Sky Set-Top Box Refresh
  • You Can Call To Helpline Number 1800286633 (toll-free) From Registered Mobile Number and Select Tata Sky Refresh option Pressing 1

This will take some seconds and you are good to go

How to Activate Tata Sky By SMS?

Activate Tata Sky After Recharge

NOTE: Set-top Box Must be on to refresh the services

  • – SMS HR Send to 56633 (Heavy Refresh)
  • – SMS SR Send to 56633 (Soft Refresh)

Within 2 minutes your set-top box will refresh and you will be able to see your favorite channel

How to Refresh Tata Sky By App

  1. Open The App and Then Click on Above right Icon
  2. Tap Help & FAQs and then click on “Raise a Request”
  3. In the “Nature of Request” Select Unable To View Sevices
  4. Then Refresh Button Will Appear Tap On It now Set-top box will sync and services will start within minutes

Final Words

The TATA Sky Company has stopped their Sms service, but you can still use a missed call and application method, and you will be able to enjoy watching tv with family & colleagues

If you have any questions regarding this, then don’t forget to comment down below

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