How to Delete Mi Account – Top 3 Best Ways To Remove

Xiaomi has managed to get top selling device achievement in the smartphone world in India. Their devices’ craze has increased tremendously in a few years; they have well known for their flagship phones with the specification. In terms of security, Xiaomi had not taken a chance and given their MIUI (os) based on android; thus, Xiaomi has always concentrated on its customers’ safety. The Mi account is a safety feature powered by Xiaomi. There are many reasons to delete mi account; here, we will discuss How to Delete Mi Account.

There may be various reasons why you want to delete Mi Account. Xiaomi has always focused on their smartphone’s safety; the Chinese brand is growing a lot while in a few years. as you know they know locking their bootloader for security reason due to malicious attack to their smartphone, in the term of security mi account is one of them as it comes for safety purpose in their devices

Xiaomi provides users with a personal MI account from which they can access their various goods and services. Mi Cloud, Data Sync, Phone Finder, Shopping on, MIUI Forum, Mi Flash Sales, Mi Themes, Mi Games, Bootloader Unlocking, or other Xiaomi services which are essential. You must have a Xiaomi Account to use the services described above.

Essentially, the Mi account is a security feature that is in the Xiaomi phone. Xiaomi users can create Mi accounts to protect their devices from third parties attack. We can sync our valuable information with Mi cloud accounts, just as we can with Mi accounts.

We understand that you may want to delete the MI account for several reasons. Users can sync their information with a MI cloud account as the MI account improves data security. Xiaomi also offers devices with a disabled bootloader that the bootloader can unlock by setting up MI accounts with the correct credentials.

By the way, if you want to delete MI account, it’s effortless to do so. We’ll go through two methods for deleting your MI account from your Xiaomi mobile.


  • Delete Mi Account from your phone.
  • Remove Mi account permanently.
  • Delete Mi Cloud storage data.
  • Delete Mi account before factory reset

Benefits OF Xiaomi Mi Account

  • Unlock bootloader of the Xiaomi phone [Mi account is a must]
  • Mi account is a must to Sync phone data like contacts, images, videos, messages, audio and audio recording etc.
  • Purchase any item from the Mi store.
  • Users can find their lost phone if they have a Mi account with an enabled phone finder option.
  • Delete phone data remotely from your pc.
  • Recovery data from active Mi account.
  • Migrate phone data to a new device from an old smartphone.
  • Post threads and bug report to resolve the issues.

Steps To Remove Xiaomi Account from your Device

This method is only for those users who want to remove their Mi account from their Xiaomi smartphone only. The reasons for users deleting Mi accounts from their devices can vary. To delete your Mi account, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Go To Settings > Click on the Settings icon, scroll down & select mi account.
How to Delete Mi Account
  1. Sign Out the account > 2. Now, This will show your Mi Account data. Choose “Sign Out” from the bottom to log out of this account from this phone. It will ask for the password to log out successfully.
How to Delete Mi Account

Now you have successfully remove your account from your Xiaomi device. you need to sign in again for accessing the account

Steps To Delete Mi Account Permanently

If you want to delete your Xiaomi account permanently, follow the steps listed below. Note that deleting your Mi Account will also delete all of your Mi Cloud Sync Info.

  1. First, Go to
  1. Here, You must log in with the account that you want to delete. To sign in, enter your email address or phone number, as well as your password.
How to Delete Mi Account
  1. After signing in, you will see a popup warning you that your account will be deleted. Tick on “Yes” & select “Delete Mi Account“.
How to Delete Mi Account
  1. Mi will need to verify your email address in the next phase. To receive a Verification code on your email address or mobile number, press the “Submit” button.
How to Delete Mi Account
  1. Enter the received Verification Code in the box & Click on “Submit“.
  1. Finally, Press “Delete Account” to delete your Mi Account Permanently.

So, overall these are the procedure to delete mi account permanently from your device.

Steps to Delete Mi account in a locked device

There is another situation if you accidentally wipe data & cache from android recovery without removing mi cloud id, then you might face the issue. It will ask for the password of your mi cloud id. To fix the problem, you have to put the password if you don’t know, then forget it. Still, it may send you a code in your registered mobile number & email.

If the mobile number & email not accessible, then you have to bypass the mi cloud id.

This is not the same procedure for all devices; almost all the apparatus has a different method to bypass it.

You can google it with your model number and can bypass mi account in a locked device.


How to delete photos from Mi cloud account?

You can delete photos from mi cloud by logging into your account; just go to gallery > select photos > click on delete. If you are deleting your mi cloud account, then all the images will be automatically deleted

Is creating a Mi account safe?

Yes, it is safe, but many people believe that my account is not. Since a Chinese company provides it, Mi phones collect user information and transmit it to a Chinese server. Xiaomi has total control over your Mi account and can access your details such as photographs, phone numbers, emails, and other account credentials.

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