Easy Guide to ROOT Realme X7 Max with Magisk & TWRP in 2022 and remove bloatware

This is a guide to Root Realme X7 Max in 2022. Realme x7 Max is one of the best android devices in the flagship segment but is it really a good choice to use the device with many bloatware? because of Realme UI. Realme Ui has lots of bugs in terms of pre-installed applications like hey tap, fin shell, and so on. Bloatware gives lots of useless notifications which is very inconvenient and annoying.

Easy Guide to ROOT Realme X7 Max with Magisk & TWRP in 2022 and remove bloatware

Hence, it will be good to remove those applications from the device which is not an easy thing without root realme x7 max. So here I am with a way to remove that unnecessary application and a guide which is How to root Realme X7 Max with Magisk & TWRP in 2022 and remove bloatware

Rooting will not only give rights to remove bloatware instead you can do other things like modifying boot animation, flashing a custom ROM, and additional customization that would have been unavailable if your Android device is not rooted

Once you have done with the process of rooting, you will get access to the superuser, which means you can easily do changes in the system application and remove them from your device.

Before you begin, keep in mind that rooting is often not a simple process, and you may run into complications. Continued further if you’ve decided to Root Android device keep in mind that it’s not for the person who is technologically inexperienced.

Pros & Cons of Root Realme x7 Max


  • Customize and take control.
  • Free up space.
  • Download any app you want.
  • Enjoy a new operating system.
  • Backup your data.


  • Rooting can go wrong and turn your phone into a useless brick.
  • You will void your warranty.
  • Your phone is more vulnerable to malware and hacking.
  • Some rooting apps are malicious.


  • This process will wipe all of your data so make sure you have made backup all of your data like pictures,files and media so that you restore it later on
  • Realme X7 Max Root needs minimum 50% of charging so that it will not get stuck while rooting
  • ADB Driver must be installed in your pc so that your phone can be recognized by pc

Steps To Root Realme X7 MAX

Basically, there are three steps from which you can easily root your android device Realme X7 Max all you just have to do is properly follow all these steps and you are good to go

  • Unlocking Bootloader
  • TWRP Installation
  • Magisk Installation

these three steps will help you to root Realme x7 max down below we breakdown the full process just read carefully with an open mind and your device must be rooted without any errors

Steps to Unlock Bootloader In Realme X7 Max

Steps for Unlock:-

  1. Install ADB Driver and Platform tool
  2. Backup your data.
  3. Install deeptesting.apk.
  4. Open the app and click start applying.
  5. Wait for application to be summited and processed.
  6. Minimize the app and go to developer settings and turn on OEM Unlock and USB Debugging.
  7. Open deeptesting again and click on start in-depth test, the phone will reboot to bootloader. OR manually do that by pressing volume – and power button after turning off you phone.
  8. Connect phone to PC. Open ADB folder (usually in C:/adb – folder) and use right click+shift and from the there click on open powershell/cmd here or type cmd in address bar.
  9. Type fastboot flashing unlock(cmd) or ./fastboot flashing unlock(powershell).
  10. Use volume and power button to select unlock the bootloader.
  11. Phone will format and reboot.

Now you have successfully unlocked the bootloader of the device its time to flash TWRP and get custom recovery so that we can proceed further and get root access in Realme X7 Max

Steps to Flash TWRP In Realme X7 Max

After unlocking the bootloader of Realme X7 Max We are ready to flash TWRP. But make sure you have downloaded the right image file of the twrp, now follow the steps carefully

  1. Download TWRP image File and VBMETA image file move it to adb folder
  2. Connect phone to PC. Open ADB folder and use right click+shift and from the there click on open powershell/cmd here or type cmd in address bar.
  3. Type adb reboot fastboot (Now phone will boot into fastboot)
  4. Type :- fastboot –disable-verity –disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img ( Before d it is double — dash)
  5. Now flash recovery:- fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  6. boot to recovery:- fastboot reboot recovery’

Now the phone will boot into recovery with TWRP.lets move to the 3rd step which is flashing magisk.

Steps to flash Magisk in Realme X7 Max

Download this version of Magisk Manager “Magisk Alpha (706a4922-alpha)” from the file attached below

  1. Connect Your Phone With Pc (While on TWRP)
  2. Pull your boot.img from recovery
  3. type in adb ‘adb pull /dev/block/by-name/boot boot.img
  4. check boot image in directory you extracted your adb zip (usually in C:/adb – folder)
  5. Restart Device
  6. Install Magisk manager and patch extracted boot image file
  7. reboot recovery
  8. Flash it via Twrp in Boot Partition (flash patched file)
  9. Reboot

Now u successfully rooted your device See how to download covid-19 vaccine certificate

How to fix Fastboot Device Not detecting?

One issue I personally faced was driver problem (Fastboot Device Not detecting) which I was easily able to fix with the help of this video: https://cutt.ly/wEEit33
use this only if you are also facing this issue

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