I don’t see the IDM extension in Chrome – FIXED

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is software that helps increase internet speed by splitting downloads into multiple connections and segmenting files so that you can complete the download in a shorter time. It is a free download and can be used to download any file from the internet. You can use its extension to download videos from any website directly to your hard drive from Firefox, Chrome, etc. But sometimes, we do not see the IDM download button in videos, or the download now starts in the browser. This happens due to missing extensions. I don’t see the IDM extension in Chrome if you have a question. Here is the fix.

If you do not see the IDM extension in Chrome, you can install the IDM extension in Chrome and can fix IDM extension in chrome also download any video from YouTube without using any alternative website. Visit the Chrome extension store and install it. However, you can follow an alternative method described below.


IIDM is a powerful download engine that uses advanced algorithms to get Internet data quickly. IDM will always speed up downloads because of its unique dynamic file segmentation technique. IDM segments downloaded data dynamically throughout the download process, and it reuses existing connections without extra connect and login phases to get the most excellent potential acceleration speed. IDM engineers have a lot of download acceleration expertise, and they have been improving download engines since 1999.

After installing the “IDM integration module” browser extension, continue surfing the Internet, and you will be amazed how easy it is to download everything you want from your favorite sites. You can also download videos from your favorite video-sharing sites like youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Youku, etc.


What are the features of IDM?

  • Divides downloads into multiple streams for faster downloading.
  • Batch downloads.
  • Import/Export download jobs.
  • Auto/manual updating of download address.
  • Multiple queues.
  • Recent downloads list for easy access to directories.
  • Video downloading from streaming video sites.

Steps To Fix IDM Extension in Chrome

  1. Open Chrome Browser
  2. Download File From HERE
  3. Download it
  4. Open Chrome Go to Extension Section
  5. Hold IDMGCExt.crx and Drag and drop to Extension
  6. It will ask to add an IDM extension
  7. Click ADD
  8. Done

by following this method, you will easily find the problem with your application and fix it. If you have any problems with your application, you can contact me, and I will help you. Thanks.

Steps To Fix IDM Extension in Chrome #2

Error icon

Please note that all IDM extensions found in the chrome store are fake and should not be used. You need to install the IDM extension manually from the IDM installation folder.

  1. Please upgrade IDM to the newest version using the “IDM Help→Check for updates…” menu item.
  1. For Chrome, you have to enable the “Use advanced browser integration” option in the “Options > General IDM dialog.
I don't see the IDM extension in Chrome - FIXED
  1. Integration may fail when started in Admin mode. This may happen when you run Chrome from an intermediary application like Total Commander in Admin mode or use a portable version with a custom launcher.
  2. Maybe you removed the IDM extension from Chrome, or you have an outdated version. Install the newest IDM addon.
  3. How to configure the IDM extension for Chrome?

If you already have IDM installed in Chrome, you must set it up correctly. To do so, select “More tools” (menu item) and then “Extensions” (tab). Next, select “Details” for the IDM extension.

I don't see the IDM extension in Chrome - FIXED
  1. You must enable the “IDM Integration Module” extension. All sites must allow extension to read data. In Chrome, enable the “Allow in incognito” checkbox.
I don't see the IDM extension in Chrome - FIXED

Please be aware that specific security software may disable the add-ons folder in Chrome. For example, such an issue is validated with AdwCleaner. You need to include IDM in the exception list in such apps.
Also, maybe there is some clash with another extension for Chrome. Please attempt to deactivate all extensions except IDM in Chrome “Settings→Extensions” dialog and examine whether the issue remains. Some independent software like pop-up blockers also may cause this. For example, there is proof of such a clash with the Ad Muncher application; if you have such programs, attempt to leave or remove them.

Final Words

These Are the best two methods to fix the IDM extension issues in the chrome browser; you can select them by using these two methods problem will get set; all you have to do is follow the steps carefully and fix everything.


Why is IDM not showing in chrome?

If IDM is not showing in chrome, the extension is not installed correctly in the chrome browser; you can fix the extension method by simply installing it. Ensure the ‘For Web Players’ tab is checked and that all file types are chosen in the ‘Customize Download panel in browsers’ section, and that the ‘Don’t record downloads from web-players automatically’ checkbox is unchecked.

How can I enable the IDM extension in chrome?

You can enable IDM Extension in chrome by merely clicking on three dots on chrome, and after that, click on the extension, find IDM and enable it.

Why can I not see an extension in chrome?

Go to chrome:/flags in the URL bar, search for extensions, and DISABLE “Extensions MENU.” When you restart Chrome, the old extensions toolbar reappears!

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