How to Cancel ESO Plus Membership? PlayStation and Xbox

The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game published by Bethesda Softworks and developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. One of the most enjoyable online RPG games available. The game is played by about 20 million individuals worldwide.

You may go wherever you want, do anything, and play as you wish. ESO Plus is a premium subscription service available on Steam. You need an ESO Plus membership for the additional maps, DLC, and equipment. If you have already paid for the membership, then don’t worry. I will guide you through How to Cancel Your ESO Plus Membership.

How to Cancel ESO Plus Membership
How to Cancel ESO Plus Membership

Cancellation of the ESO Plus Membership Subscription will not take too much time, but there is a different method for PlayStation and PC/Mac accounts. You can log into your account at Go to the membership page, choose cancellation for ESO Plus subscription, and proceed further to cancel ESO Plus membership.

The phrase ESO refers to an Elder Scrolls Online game. It offers subscription plans for 1, 3, 6, and 12-months, and you may join up for any of them to have access to the extra features. You will be automatically charged when the paying term ends, just as with other subscription services. To avoid this, you’ll need to understand how to cancel your ESO Plus subscription.

What is ESO Plus Membership?

Some content requires a membership plan to get access to that content. It’s a premium subscription with DLC, bonuses, premium suites, etc. So basically, ESO Plus refers to The Elder Scrolls Online premium purchase. Players in The Elder Scrolls Online have access to various special in-game bonuses and VIP privileges, such as full access to all DLC game packs in the Crown Store, 1650 monthly crowns, limitless crafting material storage, and more.

You’ll get complete access to all DLC game packs in the in-game Crown Store if you join ESO Plus. That means you can play all of the extra dungeons, zones, game types, and other fun stuff without spending any crowns!

Players who are already familiar with the Elder Scrolls universe may want to quickly familiarize themselves with the variety of options available rather than savoring them piece by piece. It is logical, as it is convenient to begin an adventure with full access to the game’s material straight immediately, which is the ESO Plus membership plan.

You have the following alternatives whether you want to spend a relaxed and delightful month of intensive gaming or if you want to have access to all add-ons all year without having to worry about renewing your subscription:

12 months – $ 139.99

6 months – $ 77.99

3 months – $ 41.99

1 month – $ 14.99

As you’ll see, purchasing an ESO membership for a year provides several advantages if you want to play the game for a more extended period.

What does ESO plus give you?

ESO Plus will give you the benefits of VIP access to the game all 13 DLCs, including Summerset and Morrowind! New zones, quests, dungeons, and trials available in the game will be accessible and many more.

There are many benefits of getting an ESO Plus membership; some of them are listed you can check and decide whether you have to purchase or not. If you want to cancel your ESO Plus membership, then read further

  • it will give you complete access to ALL previous and future DLC game packs. That means you need to buy new chapters, not additional DLCs.
  • Please keep in mind that if you unsubscribe from ESO Plus, you will no longer have access to these DLC areas/dungeons, although any obtained goods will not be lost.
  • There is no limit to the number of crafting materials it may store.
  • When you unsubscribe from ESO Plus, you may only withdraw from your crafting storage and no more prolonged deposit.
  • Crowns each month equate to the cost of your membership.
  • Please keep in mind that you lose half of your bank space when you unsubscribe from ESO Plus. So, presuming you’ve used up half of your bank space, you’ll be able to withdraw products but not deposit them until your bank capacity falls back below your permissible limit.
  • Increased gold acquisition, experience gain, crafting inspiration rates, and trait research rates by 10%.
  • In the player house, there is a double Furnishings and Collectibles room.
  • Costume dyeing
  • The cap on transmutation stones has been doubled.
  • The exclusive crown shop offers.

what happens when you cancel eSO plus

So that we all know that if you purchase ESO plus, you will get lots of benefits like double bank size hoarding items, weapons, pieces of armor, and delicious Sweet Rolls.

If We cancel ESO Plus membership after purchasing, the bank space returns to normal means standard size. Although the items we got will not get lost that we put them over the bank storage gap. but it will not be able to store new things until the space is available again

It will keep your Craft Bag and anything you’ve put inside it. However, while your membership is inactive, you will not be able to add additional materials to the bag.

You will keep any progress achieved with the progression benefits during your subscription.

Non-ESO Plus members may dye only ordinary pieces of armor. Your outfits will stay colored even if your ESO Plus subscription is no longer valid.

If you lose your ESO Plus membership, you may keep or spend whatever crystals you have at the moment, but you won’t be able to get any more until you’re back under your usual limit.

You will not be able to Gift an item that was obtained for free, at a discount, or solely because of your ESO Plus subscription. You may, however, still buy goods as Gifts at the total price.

So these things will happen when you are no longer an ESO Plus member; however, during the ESO Plus membership, you will keep purchases, and no longer new purchases items will be allowed to get for free.

how to check your ESO plus membership

if you have an active ESO Plus membership, you can quickly see it in your account. If you have an active subscription, it will appear under their Account Status as “Active – ESO Plus Recurring.”

For further information, gamers may see their Billing History to see when their subscription was bought and activated.

But if you are a PC/Mac user, then the method of checking will be different. Under Manage Subscription, PC/Mac gamers may check the status of their recurring membership and make changes. Players using the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 should make such modifications on their consoles.

So this is how you can check your ESO Plus membership status on your different devices. Still, if you have a query, you go to the elder online to check its status.

How to Cancel ESO Plus Membership?

If you want to cancel the ESO plan, remember you must be activated the remaining ESO Plus membership; otherwise, there is no point discussing this thing here. There are different methods for PC/Mac and Xbox One, and Playstation, so we will discuss them.

each technique will be fully described and easy you can easily follow these steps to cancel your ESO Plus membership:

Steps To Cancel Eso Plus On Steam

Steam is an alternative platform to Elder Online, so the official website does not allow you to cancel your membership plan directly. Then we have to cancel the ESO membership on Steam.

Follow the below method step by step to cancel the Elder Scrolls Online Steam membership plan:

  1. Open Steam and login with an account that has a membership.
  1. Using the desktop version of Steam, select your username and account details. On
  2. the right side of the page, click Manage Subscriptions under Store & Purchase History.
  3. Right-click “The Elder Scrolls Online: Plus Membership” and select “Edit.”
  4. Click “Apply” after selecting the “Cancel my subscription” button.

As a result, you’ll notice the word “Cancelled” under “Next Billing Date” and a notification indicating that the subscription has been canceled.

How to Cancel ESO Plus on PS4 & PS5

As we mentioned above, if you are a steam user, you have to visit Steam for ESO membership cancellation. Same as Steam, we have to go PlayStation website to cancel our ESO membership. Now, Follow these steps and i will tell you how to cancel eso plus on ps4:

First of all, you have to cancel recurring payments from the PlayStation website so that they will stop auto payments.

  • Go to the PlayStation website.
  • Sign in to your PlayStation account
  • Log in to your PlayStation account.
  • Click in your avatar and then select “Subscriptions Management.”
  • Now, Turn off Recurring Membership from your Console 

Now let’s go for membership cancellation

how to cancel ESO Plus on Ps4

  1. Log in to the PlayStation Network account used to purchase the membership.
  2. Go to [Settings] > (Account Management) > [Account Information] > [PlayStation™Network Services]
  3. Choose the membership you want to cancel from the drop-down menu.
  4. “Turn Off Auto-Renewal” should be selected.

how to cancel ESO Plus on Ps5

  1. Make sure you’re logged into the PSN account that bought the subscription.
  2. Take a look at [Settings], then click on [Advanced]. Accounts and their Holders > [Account ] [Subscriptions and Payments] > App and Game Services]
  3. you may find a list of games, including ESO, here.
  4. Select the membership that you wish to discontinue.
  5. Make sure you choose the option to disable auto-renewal.

How To Cancel ESO Plus Xbox

Are you an Xbox gamer? If you have purchased an ESO membership but want to cancel it, do not worry; we will help you out. Every game wants to sell its subscription but doesn’t want people to cancel their subscriptions. That’s why they hide the cancel button.

Don’t worry; follow these steps carefully, and you are good to go on how to cancel eso plus xbox

Actions to cancel your membership 

  1. Go HERE > Services & subscriptions. Sign In to Your Account.
  2. Go to the subscription and select Payment & Billing > Cancel. If you don’t see your subscription, if you don’t see cancel, then be sure that you sign in to an ESO membership purchased account
  3. Select to confirm the cancellation. Check your inbox for a confirmation email.

After that, it will cancel your membership, and you are free with any charges

You can’t Cancel ESO Plus on PS4

if you cannot cancel the membership plan, there must be some server issue. Or Else, There might be a wrong account from which you had not purchased the ESO Plus; please be confirmed and logged in to the same account.

Does ESO Plus Includes Greymoor

Membership in ESO Plus does not provide you access to The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor content. If you currently have access to The Elder Scrolls Online and want to acquire access to Greymoor, you may buy the Greymoor Upgrade from online merchants (The Elder Scrolls Online Store, Steam Store, Xbox Store, PlayStation Store)

Does ESO Plus include BlackWood?

Like Greymoor, it is not included in ESO Plus membership plan; you have to buy it from online merchants; if you have access to the ESO plus account, you can buy from The Elder Scrolls Online Store, Steam Store, Xbox Store, PlayStation Store.

Final Words

In conclusion, All the Way to Cancel ESO Plus, which I have already provided above it, will help you cancel the ESO Plus Membership plan Without any problem.

If you still don’t be able to cancel ESO Plus membership plan, you can visit support of The Elders Online and ask them to cancel your subscription.

That’s all! from our side, contact us if you need further information.