How to cancel porting requests in airtel, Vodafone, Jio, and Idea?

This Article is regarding your Cancelling Portability Request. Here, We Will Tell You How to cancel porting requests in airtel, Vodafone, Jio, and Idea? In January 2011 the MNP was introduced in India, What Is MNP? If someone is dissatisfied with the tariff plan from his / her service provider, call drops or signal strength, and want to change only service provider not a number because they want to keep their number(s) as it is. Then They can MNP Their number With Different Service providers However with the Premium Service Providers there were not many cases of call drops and low Signal Quality.

Since our nation is one of the largest markets of all consumer goods, there has been no stoppage of new service providers entering the market. They started offering voice call rates at the cheapest rate possible (in those days, the data user was less in number). This resulted in a huge rush for both the MNP and the cancelation of requests for users at the same time. Considering this stringency, primarily due to the fickleness of the customer, TRAI had asked donor operators (DO) not to entertain the pleas of subscribers to withdraw their requests for portability of mobile numbers (MNP).

Experts welcomed the move emphasizing the need to streamline the MNP process and were very pleased to know that subscribers would also think twice before applying for portability. The authority(TRAI) further directed all donor service providers not to send any appeal from the subscriber for cancelation or removal of the porting request and not to refuse a porting request except on the grounds carried out in Section 12 (Section 12 in The Communications Mobile Number Portability Regulations, 2009) of the Telecommunications Mobile Number Portability Regulations.

cancel porting request
cancel porting request

how to cancel port request?

In many cases, it will be possible to cancel a port after you initiate the request without issue. Have you got a portability unique code, If not then there is no need to panic, If, Yes then the company sends you a unique code, this code has a validity of some 14 days (not aware of the exact validity) …? Once you get the code you need to give this code to the operator you are transferring to? Whether you fail to do so or agree not to do so within the specified time, your request would immediately be canceled… So, if you haven’t already sent the application then it’s ok

Option #2

You Can Simply Cancel port request by just sending an SMS just send a message ‘CANCEL’ and Space Followed by Your Mobile Number And It To 1900 then it will automatically cancel according to TRAI.

how to cancel porting request in airtel

If You Are an Airtel User Then After Getting a unique code Airtel Will Call You Regarding You Portability. They Will Ask Why You Want to Port? You Can Tell Them Your Problem And you can also Say That You Don’t Want To Port. By Mistake You Send The Portability Or, Tell Them You Problem They Will Solve Your Problem ASAP! or use Option #2

how to cancel porting request in idea

As I Mention In the airtel section they will call you for the reason for portability. idea customer care Will also call you regarding your portability and will ask the question all you have to say is you were mistakenly send a portability request and then they cancel your request. or Use Option #2

how to cancel porting request in Vodafone

Vodafone Has Also The Same System Vodafone Call The Subscriber And Ask. Simply Tell Them Request sent by mistake and they will cancel portability request or simply send the text message to them to Cancel


After These Steps You Can Easily Cancel Port Request No Matter Which Company Sim-Card you are Using All Steps Are Mentioned Above. If you have any problem regarding the cancellation of porting simply just comment down We Will Help You ASAP!

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