How To Change Name in Truecaller? Best #2 Ways get recognize

Truecaller Is the Best way to recognize who is the caller behind an unknown number, but sometimes it shows the wrong name so here in this article I will guide ‘How To Change Name in Truecaller’. so that number can easily be recognized. True caller is also helpful to prevent spam calls.

Change Name in Truecaller
change name in truecaller

Truecaller is one of the essential tools for our smartphones these days to prevent spam and marketing calls. We always get calls from marketing people to buy something. True caller helps to prevent spam calls and make a clean environment.

This app helps us to recognize the person of an unknown number that is not saved in our Phone book. We can quickly get details of an unknown number location (city) and name if is it available in true caller data. in some cases, Truecaller failed to recognize the number. This app is also helpful in tackling spam calls.

It is one of the popular apps with more than 10 million downloads. True caller gets the data from every device that gets installed in the app and allows permission of contacts.

Reason For Showing Wrong Name

True caller collects number names and other details from the phones that install true caller and give permission to the app as I have written above. So, the technically true caller has extensive data. But the wrong name comes from here. let’s assume your name is Sunil and your nickname is ‘Sunnu’ and your friend saved your name as ‘Sunnu’. If your name is kept as Sunnu in your Friends Phone book, and your friend installs true caller and leaves your name as Sunnu then Truecaller scans the data and shows the wrong name if you call someone, if the name is not saved in his device. while reading this you can easily change name in truecaller

Also, if your number was previously used by other people then the true caller will show old information saved in his database.

so, the major two reasons are shown here that shows the wrong name in true caller

  1. Several people saved your name with your nickname or wrong name
  2. you have bought a new sim which belonged to another person before

How to Change Wrong Name in TrueCaller Database

Method 1

We Can Change the Wrong Name from True Caller database is via its application which is available able for Android Phone, iOS, Windows Phone

  1. Download and Install True Caller App
  2. The App Will Send an OTP for Verify Your Number
  3. After Verification, Launch True Caller App And ‘Click On Menu
  4. Click On Edit Profile
  5. Click On Edit ( a Pencil Icon )
  6. Enter You Correct ‘First Name‘ and ‘Last Name
  7. Save Changes

Now You are Done With Updating Your Name in True Caller Application If You call Someone Then True caller Show Your Name Which You Put Over There, And People Will See you Correct Name.

how to change name in truecaller without app

Method 2

  • Go To The Official True Caller Website From Here
  • Now Login With Your Google Account or With Microsoft Account
  • Now Search For Your Number
  • Click On ‘Suggest Name‘ it is located after “suggest a tag.”
  • Now a Pop-up Will Appear With Name Suggestion
  • Put Your Correct Name Over There
  • Select Business or Person
  • Save

Now You Are Done With Suggestion The Correct Name to the true caller. after entering the correct name refresh the page and you will see the exact name over there.

If you did notice that this method can complete without phone number verification, so, if the Truecaller thinks that you put the wrong name over there, they will remove your suggested name and will put the old name.

so the second method might not work I will suggest you go for the first method this will change your name with the correct name the second method is for the people who don’t have fast internet to download the app. the second method will take time to change the name

But if you use the first method, it will change instantly within minutes this is how you can change your wrong name in true caller and correct your name if you are having a problem during change don’t forget to comment down I will reply as soon as possible.

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