How to Fix pending update of firefox snap – Close the app to avoid disruptions

The same problem in Firefox also shows an error of pending update of firefox snap closes the app to avoid disruption. Like I fixed the same problem in Chromium, there is a difference for a fix in Firefox. The usage of snap might sometimes have a problem.

How to Fix pending update of firefox snap - Close the app to avoid disruptions
How to Fix pending update of firefox snap - Close the app to avoid disruptions 3

Suppose you are an Ubuntu user and encounter many problems in the loop and many other things that are very annoying. In that case, there are lots of solutions provided by people to fix the issue in Ubuntu. We will try to cover all of them in one place; all you need to do is try each one, and you should be good to go. Now let’s move to the topic of How to Fix the pending update of firefox snap.

As soon as you notice a pending update of”Firefox”, you must act immediately. Close the application to prevent disruptions (13 days remaining) (which means you have 13 days to upgrade Firefox yourself, or else the Firefox snap package will get an unattended upgrade). After the update to Firefox, the snap package is completely shut down and relaunched.

Steps to Fix pending update of firefox snap

If the Firefox snap package update has not yet begun, do Sudo snap refresh initiate it? If you do not close and reopen Firefox when the update is complete, you will be unable to open any new tabs.

The above steps will only be successful if you truly exit Firefox; otherwise, the snap will not refresh, and performing snap refresh will not even reveal that it delayed an update.

The formula that was successful for me is as follows:

killall firefox;
sudo snap refresh;

However, the user experience is terrible. Utilizing apt was much more streamlined, and launching Firefox on older PCs seemed quite a bit slower.

Please quit the programme and leave your computer running for at least a day to enable the update. It would be more useful if it informed you to do this. Most people think this procedure won’t cause any disruptions in and of itself.

The faster solution is to run a snap refresh —list to see if any updates need to be installed, then close the apps that need to be closed before running Sudo snap refresh. Do this again to make sure it worked.

Here’s a session log demonstrating that you can’t take snap messages at face value. Hopefully, there are enough hints here to make snap updates more manageable.

$ sudo snap refresh
All snaps up to date.

$ snap refresh --list
Name      Version        Rev   Size   Publisher   Notes
chromium  103.0.5060.53  2020  139MB  canonical✓  -

$ snap refresh --time
timer: 00:00~24:00/4
last: today at 14:55 MDT
next: today at 19:03 MDT