How To Pay Electricity Bill In Lockdown? Best #4 Ways To Pay

its been a month since India has started lockdown. paying an electricity bill is impossible. here I will guide “how to pay electricity bill in lockdown”. due to the pandemic of coronavirus lockdown has started and all the official’s work has been shutdown.

How To Pay Electricity Bill

It has been more than a month since India has announced a lockdown on 24th March 2020 to control coronavirus from spreading. Till now, there are more than 45000 people who have been infected with coronavirus, and it seems dangerous to contact physically with people. Schools, Colleges, Offices, Railways have shut down, and there is no official report that when the situation will control and Indian pupils will again start living normally.

One thing that needs to take care of is bills; it could be any bill, water bill, landline bill, phone bill, and electricity bill. There is some company which is providing an easy way to pay those bills without going outside physically with your phone you can take care of your bill. Just put in your consumer id and pay your bills online.

4 Ways To Pay Bills

  • How to Pay Electricity bills by Paytm
  • How to Pay Electricity bills by Mobikwik
  • How to Pay Electricity bills by Bhim
  • How to Pay Electricity bills by Official Electric supply website

Here are the ways to pay electricity bills by staying at home all you have to do is take your card and start paying the bills.

How to Pay Electricity bills by Paytm

So Paying electricity bills from the Paytm application is not a difficult step all you have to do is follow these steps and you can quickly pay your electricity bills.

For Paying Electricity Bills From Paytm Application Follow These Steps

Step 1: Login With Your Paytm Account, Open Browser, And Visit in the above right side you will see login/signup click on login and login with your by providing details

Step 2: Choose Electricity Supplier, Click on Electricity, and after clicking you will see the electricity board option choose your state and your electricity provider and tap on it

Step 3: Fill Consumer ID, after selecting your state and electricity board you will see the consumer id option here you have to fill consumer id provided in your electricity bill

Step 4: Complete Payment, that you have filled in your information complete the transaction using your card or Paytm bank or Paytm wallet

Step 5: Done!!!

Now After Payment, you have completed your Payment of bill through the Paytm application all you have to do is wait after 2 or 3 days your electricity company will receive cash and finalize your electricity bill remaining work

How to Pay Electricity bills by Mobikwik

So if you are not able to pay your bill using the Paytm application, then all you can do is you can spend your bill via Mobikwik. It is another great organizer to pay bill recharge and many more.

For Paying Bills From Mobikwik Follow these steps

Step 1: Open Mobikwik Application, Go to Play store Download and Install Mobikwik Application and Open it by clicking on the icon

Step 2: Login/Sign Up To Your Account, Open Mobikwik application, and then sign up to your account if you are new, now login to your account

Step 3: Select Electricity Recharge, Now select Recharge and then click on electricity and in the drop-down menu choose your electricity board

Step 4: Put Your Consumer Id, after put consumer id click on the go

Step 5: Complete The Payment, Now after that you can complete your payment via your card, or you can use internet banking

How to Pay Electricity bills by Bhim

Bhim UPI application is another organizer that can help you to any type of online like recharge, electricity bill payment, and many more.

Step 1: Download Bhim App

Step 2: Log in to Bhim using UPI Pin

Step 3: Go to the “BILL PAY” Section on BHIM

Step 4: Select the bill category to Electricity

Step 5: Select The Electricity service provider

Step 6: Input Consumer ID and relevant bill details

Step 7: Complete The Payment

How to Pay Electricity bills by Official Electric supply website

The last method that you can use is going to the official bill provider website and selecting bill payment and completing the transaction by debit card, internet banking, etc.

Final Words

so the answer of How To Pay Electricity Bill in Lockdown The is all the methods that you can use to pay the bill during lockdown just follow all the steps and you can easily pay the electricity bill during lockdown if you have any problem regarding this don’t forget to comment down below

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