How to Remove Caller Tune in Jio? Best #3 Method To Do it

Caller tune is one of the best features for not getting bored during a call, but sometimes we wanted to remove it here I will tell you How to Remove Caller Tune in Jio with the help of these methods you can easily remove Jio tune.

Remove Caller Tune in Jio

Before the launch of Reliance in India telecom service providers charge a lot for caller tune even they cut the balance for spam ad call for a mistake. Also, they did not refund money back but when the Jio launched it gives us to offer to activate any caller tune without paying a penny.

Jio offers many services for free watching Jio Tv with most of the channel available and Jio cinemas with entertaining series and many other application like this. recently jio also launched a news application and it growths have gone fire.

Now let’s Move into our topic how to remove Jio tune, first of all, make sure that you have a Jio tune activated. After that, there are three methods to deactivate it follow these steps carefully.

Top 3 Method to Deactivate Jio Tune

  1. Using SMS
  2. Using IVR
  3. Using My Jio App

These Are The Three Methods To Deactivate Caller Tune In Jio With The Help Of These Methods You Can Easily Remove Jio caller tune

How to remove caller tune in jio through SMS

1. SMS: 56789

  • SMS Stop to 56789 and follow the next process to deactivate your Jio Caller Tune Subscription.
  • Jio Caller Tune will be deactivated, and you will receive deactivation confirmation SMS on your mobile.

2. SMS:  155223

  • SMS Stop to 155223 and select the option to deactivate the service subscription or Jio Caller Tune subscription.
  • Jio CallerTune will be deactivated, and you will receive deactivation confirmation SMS on your mobile.

By sending SMS in these two number, you will receive a reply with deactivation confirmation and your Jio tune will deactivate soon. if the first number is not working, then you can message in the second number, and your Jio tune will deactivate

How to remove caller tune in jio through IVR

  1. Open You Phone Dialer
  2. Call 155223 from you Jio number
  3. Choose Your Preferred Language By Pressing 1 For English and 2 For Hindi
  4. Now, The IVR will prompt all the value-activate-services on your Jio number
  5. Choose the option for Jio tune deactivation

if you follow this IVR method, then you will receive a message if deactivation in some minutes and your Jio tune will deactivate soon

How to remove caller tune in Jio through My Jio App

  1. Download and Install My Jio App From Play Store
  2. Login With Your Jio Number
  3. Slide From Left
  4. Tap On JioTunes
  5. Click On ‘Deactivate

That’s it! After Some Time You Will Recieve a reference id For Deactivation and Within Some Minute You Jio Tune Will Deactivate. You can use all method above and can deactivate your jio tune all the above methods are tested and well implemented.

Final Words

So That’s The Method For Deactivating Jio Tune And If you Have Any Problem Regarding This Don’t Forget To Comment Down Below and I Will Try To reply ASAP!

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