Top 3 Best Guide to Activate Bsnl Sim 4g

BSNL is one of the largest telecom operators in India that provides landline, telecom, broadband, and many more. Bsnl provides all the services at a very affordable price, it’s a government company that currently provides only 2g/3g connection around India but Bsnl says this year 4g will be launched in the middle of 2022. so here in this article, I will guide you on ‘How to Activate Bsnl sim

how to activate bsnl sim 4g

one of the oldest telecom operators that did not quit, after the launch of the Jio operator there are lots of changes that occurred in the telecom market. most of the companies shut their company and some merged. the recharge things have changed a lot before the hike people can recharge only 10 rs and can use the sim but after the hike of recharge, the package has started with 49 rs and can expire.

if you recently have purchased a Bsnl sim then you should know how to activate it. BSNL SIM activation is not as tough as you may think it to be. The Bsnl operator has introduced a new simplified method to activate a new BSNL SIM. However, not everyone is aware of the tele-verification process which requires activating sim, and are thus people are unable to do so,

rural area people are very confused to activate bsnl sim there might be reasons like they are unable to give proper information to Bsnl while doing tele-verification

How to Activate Bsnl Sim 4g

you can purchase the sim from the people that sell on the road with an umbrella or you can buy the sim from people that sell in the shop and can enjoy the benefit of the Bsnl that provides internet and calling at a very affordable price

basically, there are 3 ways that will activate the Bsnl sim one the OTP based tele-verification and another one documents submission tele-verification and another one is visiting the Bsnl office verification

  • OTP Based Tele verification
  • Documents based Tele verification
  • the office visit and verification

How to Activate Bsnl 4g Sim by OTP Verification

  1. Insert Bsnl Sim in your phone
  2. turn on the device and wait until getting signal
  3. open dialer
  4. call 1507
  5. choose OTP based verification
  6. Dail OTP that you get in your alternative number
  7. Done

How to Activate Bsnl 4g Sim by Documents Based Verification

  1. Insert Bsnl Sim in your phone
  2. turn on the device and wait until getting signal
  3. open dialer
  4. call 1507
  5. choose customer care verification
  6. the call will connect to customer care
  7. provide address proof
  8. done

How to Activate Bsnl 4g Sim by Office Visit

Search in google by typing ‘Bsnl office nearby’ find an office location near you visit the office ask them to activate bsnl sim and give them documents within some time they will activate bsnl sim.

The BSNL SIM verification process might take four hours for prepaid and 72 hours for postpaid connection to get completed. However, most of the time, the sim gets activated instantly. You can also contact the BSNL Customer Care Number if you are facing any issue in sim activation.

How To Check BSNL SIM Activation Status

  1. Start the caller application.
  2. Dial the phone number of someone you know.
  3. Make a call to the number you entered in.
  4. Your call will be connected if your bsnl sim is active.
  5. If it is not activated, you will be prompted to do so.

The bsnl new sim status check can’t be done by turning on mobile data; if you can access the internet, it is not necessary that the sim is activated. If you don’t remember the OTP issued to your alternate phone, you can use your Aadhar number to activate your Bsnl sim.

I hope you now have a good understanding of how to activate your bsnl sim using the bsnl sim tele-verification number. You can also activate it at a bsnl store or office near you.

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