How to Deactivate Jio Sim? Top #3 Best ways

If You are Here That Means You are Searching For ‘How to Deactivate Jio Sim‘ If your Reliance Jio Sim Has Accidently Lost or Your Phone Has stolen Then This Article Is For You. Here You Will Learn how to deactivate the Jio sim if lost.

Recently Reliance Jio has Published A piece of news That Every 3 out 5 Mobile Phone in India Has Jio Sim. However, today Reliance Jio sim has Millions Of users. Reliance Jio sim is providing 4G sim services on a pan-India level using LTE technology and making a profit from us.

how to deactivate jio sim

Recently, Price in Jio Plans has increased a lot and services are getting worse this can be also a reason of deactivating Jio and changing mobile carriers, Other service providers are providing better service than Reliance Jio.

There can be another reason to deactivate Jio like you have lost your Reliance Jio sim or your Smartphone may be stolen because I have also lost my mobile phone recently and that costs me big. so I want you to do not bear what I endured.

Actually, Someone misused my sim card. if you have lost your sim card then anyone can get into Big Trouble that SIM Card can be used to do bad things or Anti-National causes. So don’t allow anyone to use your SIM Card ever. there are many reasons to deactivate Jio sim card comment down why you want to deactivate your sim

There Might Be another reason that Jio sim distributed for free I’m I right? and many of us have taken more than one sim which is useless after free plans were gone and this can be another reason to deactivate Jio sim

Now let’s jump into the main topic “how to deactivate Jio sim” if you have lost then you have to follow different steps. you have your Jio sim then follow these steps now let’s begin you can also

Steps To Deactivate Jio Sim

There are two easy steps to deactivate Jio which you will very easy and you can easily do it within some seconds just follow the steps properly and you are good to go.

  1. Deactivate Jio Sim Through Official Website
  2. 90 Days No Use Method
  3. How To Activaṭe Call Waiting? Best #2 Ways To Activate

1. Deactivate Jio Sim Through Official Website

Reliance Jio has introduced an easy method to for deactivating their sim card or what we will call it to deactivate Jio sim through official Jio website and even you can resume your services within one click all you need to call customer care and answer their question.

  • Enter OTP: Put the OTP (one-time-password) Sent in you Jio Mobile in Enter OTP section
  • Go to top right corner, click on the gear icon, then you can see the option “Suspend and Resume“, click on it
  • Now you will be asked to choose between the two options – SIM Damaged or SIM/Device Lost, you can click on any one of the two options.
  • Once you click on any of the options your SIM will be immediately suspended
  • If you found the SIM card or want to get back your services then you can follow the same steps of logging into your account and you will find the “Resume” option, click on it and your Jio SIM will be activated for your mobile number instantly.
  • Done.

2. 90 Days No Use Method

As per general telecom protocol, there has to be a deduction in a span of 90 days else your connection will be barred.

  • The easiest way is to take it away from your phone and put it aside for 90 days without any usage Jio Sim will be automatically deactivated.

How to deactivate Jio sim if lost?

if you have lost your sim then definitely you will not be able to receive OTP then you have to follow steps that do not need OTP (One-time Password) there are 2 steps to deactivate Jio sim if lost follow these steps carefully then you will be able to deactivate Jio sim.

3 Steps To Deactivate sim If Lost

There are 3 steps to deactivate sim if you had lost or your mobile had stolen all you have to is follow these steps and you will be able to deactivate your sim within some minutes.

  • Call Customer Care
  • Via Phone Call
  • Visit Nearest Store

1. Call Customer Care Method

  • Call 198 or 199 from other Mobile (obviously Jio User) Follow Steps
  • Ask Them To Deactivate
  • They Will Ask Reason
  • Tell Them Reason
  • Within Minute Your Sim Will deactivate
  • Done

2. Via Phone Call

Sometimes You Will Not Able To Connect With Reliance Jio Customer Care Number. Then Follow These Steps.

Call on “18008899999” (Toll-Free Number/ Reliance Jio care) from any phone and follow the steps to deactivate the number.

After deactivating you can go to Reliance Jio center and get a new sim card

3. By Visiting Jio Store

  • Visit Your Nearest Jio Store With your Document ( Aadhaar Card )
  • Tell them You Had Lost Your Device and Ask For Deactivating it
  • They Will Ask for Your Document Show them Aadhaar Card ( They May Give you A form To Fill up, Fill it)
  • After The Process Within Some minutes, You Sim Will Get Deactivate
  • Done

What to do If we found the sim card or stolen device after deactivating jio sim?

In that case, you just need to visit your nearest Jio Store, show them your Aadhaar card and you will get a new sim that will get activated within a few minutes (max 30 minutes).

Final Words

So These Are the Step-by- Step guide to Deactivate Jio Sim by this you will be able to deactivate your Jio sim. if you want to resume your service then you can resume services

We Have Shared 5 Best Proven Methods To Deactivate Jio Sim. you can follow any of them and can share your experience with us your sim will deactivate within some minute ( maximum 30 Minutes )

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